E. Coli Outbreak Causes Personal Injury In Toledo, Ohio, And Parts Of Michigan

More than 35 people have suffered personal injury from a recent E. coli outbreak linked to beef sold at Ohio and Michigan Kroger stores, according to the Toledo Blade.
The recall targets beef that was sold at the stores from May 21 to June 8, and customers are instructed to discard any beef sold during that time, or return it to a Kroger store for a full refund.

More than 73,000 people suffer personal injury from E. coli infections each year, while 61 of those infected suffer wrongful death, according to The E. coli virus is especially dangerous to children and the elderly, since their immune systems are not as strong. Some strains, including the one found in Kroger beef, can lead to blood poisoning, cystitis, or swelling of the bladder, or septicemia, a potentially fatal infection.

Our Toledo, Ohio personal injury attorneys have handled these types of cases before, and urge consumers to look out for warning signs of an E. coli bacteria infection. Symptoms include severe stomachache or cramps, diarrhea, or vomiting. If you have become infected with the E. coli bacteria and need legal assistance, call our office 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 800.637.8170 or 419.241.1395 to set up a FREE consultation with an attorney.

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