Driving With Pets: Safety Tips

Just because one of your family members has four legs, doesn’t mean you won’t bring them along with you on your weekend road trip or family expedition. With animals in the car, there are certain safety tips you must be aware of to ensure not only the safety of your family, but the safety of others traveling on the roadway. has shared tips to help you ensure that your vehicle is safe and prepared for your furry friend’s journey. Follow the below preparation tips before you back out of the driveway:

Prepare Your Vehicle

  • Have a pet safety kit compete with first aid supplies such as bandages, antibiotic ointment, latex gloves, blankets, tweezers, peroxide, a syringe, and any special medications your pet may need. You can make your own kit, or purchase one from a pet supplies store or veterinarian office.
  • Cover seats with seat covers or hammocks. This can prevent against distraction of accidents with your pet, and can deter your pet from traveling to the front row and disturbing the driver.
  • Keep a pet carrier and other restraints on hand. It is imperative to have your pet harnessed our buckled in when driving against curves, or experiencing sudden changes in speed.
  • Make sure there are no foreign objects in your vehicle that your pet could ingest.

Prepare Your Pet

  • Ensure your pet’s collar and leash is in good shape.
  • Contact information on pet’s tag should be up to date and legible.
  • Take a quick practice trip before the long haul to ensure your pet will be able to handle it.
  • Wait 2-3 hours after your pet has eaten to begin the trip to prevent car sickness.

Have on Hand:

  • Have a supply of disposable bags for waste disposal.
  • Pack dishes for food and water. Collapsible bowls can work well on trips.
  • Cat owners should have extra litter and newspapers for their cat.

If you prepare before you take your trip, you are much less likely to experience distractions from your pet. Think ahead so you don’t find yourself struggling behind the wheel as your four-legged family member seeks attention in your vehicle.

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