Driver And Bar Named In Wrongful Death Lawsuit










The mother of a man killed in a drunk driving accident has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against both the drunk driver and the bar that sold him alcohol.

The lawsuit states that Sam Cafi acted negligently when he drove while intoxicated on March 10th and crashed into Ryan Osowski’s car, resulting in Ryan’s death.

The lawsuit also names Trio Sports Bar & Grill as a defendant. It states that the bar acted negligently in serving him the amount of alcohol that they did and for allowing him to drive home after.

Wrongful death cases are often hard to handle. Not only is the emotional pain immense, but the wrongful death claim process can be long and difficult. Not having the right information only compounds the issue. So, a question you may be asking yourself is how do I file a wrongful death claim?

Generally, a wrongful death claim is filed by the executor of the deceased and they do that on behalf of all real parties involved. This is just the beginning of the process and our free informative publication The Ohio Wrongful Death Book goes further in-depth. It discusses the various issues that you may encounter.

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