Do Toledo Pools Closing Put Kids In Danger?

The Josh Project is a program that our law office supports as we believe they do great work for our community. Throughout the past few years, we have shown support to this Toledo nonprofit through various initiatives, including our Good News, Good People contest.

Charles Boyk Law Offices Supports the Josh Project

Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC “Good News, Good People” was a program run by our law office that honored the ordinary citizens who make a positive impact in our community. The Josh Project was chosen because they provide affordable swimming lessons and water safety training to children and their families.

We have also provided support to the Josh Project simply through the promotion of their events. You can find various blog posts on our website highlighting the programs graduation program, as well as the announcement of the founder, Wanda Butts being named one of CNN’s Top 10 Heroes.

Recently, the Josh Project has shared concerns regarding the closure of Toledo City pools. They believe that this decision could be a deadly one, affecting many children in our community.

Closing Toledo City Pools Causes Concern

Tankeeya Butts and her mother, Wanda Butts have made it their mission to teach young people throughout the community how to swim. Tankeeya told 13 ABC News, “There’s a 1 in 8 million chance of a child drowning in a guarded pool. So if they are swimming in places that are not guarded there is a greater chance that they can drown. If the pools are closed they are going to find a place to swim…most likely it will be unsupervised.”

The Josh Project has taught more than 1,300 children through their program. Drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental death for children under the age of 14 and this Toledo nonprofit has helped to keep many children safe. They are doing great work in changing the tragic statistics surrounding drowning deaths.

To learn more about the Josh Project, visit their page on Facebook. Join our law office in supporting this great organization and help to spread their message.

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