Do I Need A Lawyer?

Our Toledo, Ohio motorcycle accident attorneys know that people are understandably nervous about hiring a lawyer. Fear that it will cost too much stops some from consulting an attorney, especially when expenses may be adding up as a result of a recent accident. Accident victims, however, don’t pay their lawyer anything unless a settlement is reached or they win in a trial.

Most attorneys who represent accident victims take what’s called a contingent fee, which means that the lawyer’s fee depends on his success in resolving the case. If you win your case or get a settlement, the lawyer takes a fee. If you lose at trial or the insurance company won’t settle, you don’t get anything, but you typically won’t owe the lawyer a fee. Usually, the lawyer takes one-third of the gross award or settlement. The arrangement works for both parties. The lawyer takes a risk that he’ll never get paid if the case bombs. The client gets to pursue his claim without having to come up with thousands of dollars in advance to cover a lawyer’s hourly billing. Without this arrangement, some people never would be able to bring a claim because they couldn’t afford it.

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