DePuy Hip Replacement Recall

DePuy Hip Replacement Recall

As of August of 2010, the hip replacement DePuy made by Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary has been recalled. The reason for the recall is because the rate of incidents where revision surgery was required was very high with the reasons behind the revisions being things like metal debris that comes from the metal on the metal hip component. The problem with this metal on metal is that the friction between the parts may release toxic heavy metal particles into the tissue and bloodstream. This causes metal poisoning and can result in some serious injury. These injuries include things like tumors, neurological problems, and heart failure.

The problems with the hip replacement have even led to federal lawsuits being filed by users of DePuy. The cases have been consolidated to where the federal judge oversees the litigation. This is referred to as multidistrict litigation. Judge Katz from the Northern District of Ohio has been selected to oversee the litigation of this case.

There are currently hundreds of cases being investigated about the defective hip replacement. People who may not be currently experiencing any symptoms may still be at risk and should consult with their doctor.

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