Deer Hunter’s Checklist

Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC wants to make sure you have a safe hunting season. Here are some helpful tips to avoid hunting accidents and to help prepare you for the deer hunting season.

Deer Hunter’s Checklist:

Avoid Problems, Be Prepared!

  1. Get the landowner’s permission to hunt.
  2. Buy your annual hunting license and deer permit early.
  3. Make sure your gun is plugged and not capable of holding more than three (3) shells.
  4. Make sure you meet hunter orange requirements.
  5. Know how to attach your temporary tag. Carry a piece of string, watch, and pencil or pen.
  6. Know the rules for use of communication devices.
  7. Know your APV laws.
  8. Know the season dates, hours, and Deer Zones.
  9. Follow proper check station procedures.
  10. Hunt safely

We obtained this information from the Ohio DNR website under wildlife.

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