Concorde Crash Verdict Reached

The crash of a supersonic Concorde airplane that happened back in 2000 has reached a verdict. The crash killed 113 people in total. The French court ruled that Continental Airlines and a mechanic were both to blame for the accident. Both parties were fined and the mechanic, John Taylor, received a suspended prison sentence of 15 months for involuntary manslaughter. Also found partly responsible was the aircraft manufacturer. The charges said that they should have reacted earlier to known design flaws of the airplane.

The Continental flight that took off shortly before the Concorde flight was found to be the key role in why the Concorde flight did not make it. A titanium strip fell off of the engine of the DC-10 because it was improperly installed. When the Concorde hit the strip of titanium a wheel blew out sending debris up into the wing causing the fuel tank to rupture. All parties involved here had a responsibility to make sure that everything was safe and installed properly and because they were not, 113 people died. If you have lost a loved one in a similar way you need help.

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