Cincinnati College Student Injured In Accident

There are many college students that decide to venture out of their home state to receive an education. This is a great life experience for them as they navigate through adulthood and learn about what they want to do with their careers. But, some of the experiences they may have aren’t very pleasant, such as personal injuries after being involved in car accidents.

Oftentimes, the first question an out-of-state college student may be asked after being involved in an accident is whether or not they are an Ohio resident. This can cause confusion toward how their legal process will play out.

Ohio Resident

Anyone to have a place of residence within the state for 12-months is considered to be an Ohio resident. This individual would also be able to vote within the state and pay taxes toward Ohio. If the college student plans to stay in the sates after graduation, they would also be considered a resident.

If a student does not live in the state year-round and goes to their home state for extended semester breaks, they can be considered a resident of that state instead.

Injured and Seeking Compensation

When an out-of-state college student is injured in an Ohio accident, they are able to utilize the Ohio Courts to seek damages. The first thing they should do is contact an Ohio accident attorney to take on their case and help them receive the compensation that they deserve.

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