Chuck Boyk’s Run-In With Road Rage: What Should You Do?

Chuck Boyk’s Run-In With Road Rage: What Should You Do?

We all know the saying “accidents happen.” But what happens when an accident is followed by a case of road rage? Chuck Boyk recently found himself in such a situation.

It was a Sunday afternoon and after missing a turn, Chuck was turning his truck around in what appeared to be an empty parking lot. However, while Chuck was backing up he bumped into a car which had quietly snuck up on him. The driver of the car, who was from Texas, was not a happy camper. He sprung from his vehicle and immediately began screaming at Chuck, calling him every name in the book. “I have been called a lot of names in my life. The other driver’s ‘names’ were new even for me,” said Chuck.

The other driver then approached Chuck, put his fist right up to Chuck’s head, and repeatedly threatened to break Chuck’s face. It was at this point that Chuck told his wife who was still safe in the truck-to call the police.

Fortunately for Chuck and his face, the situation deescalated when the police showed up. If the other driver causes you to be in an accident, contact our office immediately.

Although in hindsight we can laugh about these situations, at the time they can be very scary and potentially dangerous. We thought we would share with you some tips from about what to do if you are confronted with a case of road rage:

  1. Don’t retaliate. Never take anything the other driver says personally. He/she is only reacting on a road rage instinct.
  2. Don’t make eye contact with an angry driver.
  3. Before you react to anything, ask yourself, “Is getting back at that jerk worth my life?”
  4. Be polite and courteous, even when others are not.
  5. Always ask yourself, “Could the other driver have possibly made a mistake?”
  6. If you are harassed by another driver and being followed, do not go home. Go to the nearest police station.
  7. Slow down and relax!
  8. Never underestimate another driver’s capacity for mayhem.
  9. Reduce your driving stress by allowing enough time to get where you are going. Know the roads that are under construction and listen to weather reports that may cause traffic delays.
  10. Practice patience and keep your cool.
  11. Remember that you cannot control the drivers around you, but you can control the way they affect your well-being. Be calm and drive safely.

Following these simple tips can help you if you are confronted with a case of road rage they could even save your life! Chuck Boyk agreed, “I am happy that my lovely face remains intact.”

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