Child Pedestrian Safety Part 2 Of 3

There are some noticeable patterns to when and where and how child pedestrian accidents occur.

  • Urban areas have twice the rate of traffic-related pedestrians deaths as rural areas
  • Accidents are most likely to happen between the hours of 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. when children are traveling from school and playing. (It was recently calculated that 43 percent of fatal child pedestrian accidents occurred between these dangerous hours.)

Collisions with child pedestrians most often happen when:

  • The child darts out.
  • A vehicle turns into the path of a child.
  • A child is hidden from view by an ice cream truck.
  • A child is hidden from view by a bus and the driver does not stop.
  • Vehicles are backing up in roadways, driveways or parking lots.

Child accidents are often devastating; our experienced Ohio child accident attorneys can make the litigation process easier for all parties involved.

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