Child Passenger Safety

Child deaths in motor vehicle crashes have gone down since 1975, but crashes still cause about 1 of every 3 injury deaths among children younger than 13. Among those 2-12 years old, motor vehicle crash injuries are the leading cause of death. Most of these deaths occur among children traveling as passenger vehicle occupants, and proper restraint use can reduce these fatalities. Children riding in the front seat can be seriously injured or killed when an air bag comes out in a crash.

An air bag is not a soft, billowy pillow. To do its important job, an air bag comes out of the dashboard at up to 200 miles per hour – faster than the blink of an eye. The force of an air bag can hurt those who are too close to it. Placing children in rear seats instead of front seats reduces fatal injury risk by about a third among those 12 and younger.

Each year approximately 1,800 children ages 14 and under are killed as occupants in motor vehicles, and more than 280,000 are injured. Our firm handles child accident cases. If you or someone you know has a child who has been injured by one of child accidents listed above you need information. Contact our Ohio child accident lawyers at 800.637.8170 to order your free copy of Little Kids, Big Accidents.

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