Child Injured In Findlay Car Accident

Last Thursday afternoon a 6-year-old boy was injured in a car accident in Findlay.

The police department has reported that the accident happened when 33-year-old Anita Rider was driving South on Cory. Anita stopped at Cory’s intersection with Sandusky and as she pulled into the intersecction, Randall Kinney, 48, ran the stop sign causing the two cars to collide.

In the collision, 6-year-old Demetrios Rider, passenger in Ms. Rider’s vehicle, suffered injuries and was taken to Blanchard Valley Hospital.

Randall Kinney was cited for the accident.


Mr. Kinney broke the law in that he ran a stop sign. This makes him liable for the injuries anyone suffered as a result of his negligence. Both 6-year-old Demetrios, by means of a parent or guardian, can collect for his medical bills as well as pain and suffering. Also able to file against Mr. Kinney is the driver of the other vehicle, Anita Rider.

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