Car Accident Caused By Fog

Car Accident Caused By Fog

With the changing season, there are bound to be mornings where there is fog covering the roadways. With this fog, it is likely that there will be many school delays and closings. However, the normal individual heading to work in the morning cannot delay their day. They must face the fog and head to work.

Since fog reduces the visibility on the roadway, it is critical that drivers operate their vehicles with extra caution and drive defensively. The car accident lawyers share the below tips for driving in the fog, helping to reduce the chances of being involved in an accident.

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Tips for Driving in the Fog

  • Driving with Low Beams – when operating your vehicle in heavy fog, drive with your low beams on. If you use your high beams, they will actually cause worse visibility as they are reflected back off the fog.
  • Operate at Low Speed – the fog creates an illusion, so watch your speed so you don’t find yourself speeding when visibility is low.
  • Use your defroster – make sure you have your defroster working and wipers, as they will help aide in visibility.
  • Leave early and be patient – driving in heavy fog will require you to drive slower, making your commute longer. Leave early for your destination so you will not be tempted to drive faster if you’re running late.

Car Accident in the Fog

Since the fog causes reduced visibility, the likelihood of an accident occurring is much higher. It is the responsibility of the driver to be defensive behind the wheel and operate their vehicle with caution. While fog may be a factor in an accident, a driver is always deemed at-fault for the accident.

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If you have been involved in an accident because another drive failed to operate their vehicle with the necessary caution and injuries resulted from the crash, you may have a personal injury case. When the negligence or wrongdoing of another individual causes the injury to another, they have the ability to seek a legal claim.

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