Bus And Truck Safety

In the past several weeks there have been many serious accidents involving tour busses and trucks. A forum last month held by The National Transportation Safety Board discussed what is going to be done to prevent deadly accidents on the highways.

In 2009 there were 3,200 deaths in accidents involving big trucks and on average tour buses average about 20 deaths per year. Many proposals have been made by the Obama administration to tighten bus and truck regulation. One proposal includes equipping trucks and buses with devices that record how many hours drivers are behind the wheel. As many of one-third of all commercial motor vehicle crashes are caused because of fatigue. Another proposal would reduce the limit drivers are allowed to spend behind the wheel from 11 hours to 10 hours.

Many trucking companies are opposed to this, along with the reduction of the weight limits, because fewer drivers and less trucks on the road means more of a profit.

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