Bigen Hair Dye: Allergic Reactions

Bigen Hair Dye: Allergic Reactions

Bigen hair dye is utilized by many as the product offers 11 different colors and is easy to use. It has been attractive because of its “just mix with water” procedure that results in 4-6 weeks of color stay. While this is something that has been marketed to many, the problems Bigen Hair Dye causes has not.

Health Problems after Using Bigen Hair Dye

Some of the things that have happened to Bigen users include a wide array of allergic reactions. These reactions include the following:

  • Itching from Bigen Hair Dye
  • Swelling after using Bigen
  • Bigen Hair Dye causing hair loss
  • Severe pain after using Bigen
  • Black eyes
  • Chemical burns from Bigen Hair Dye
  • Constriction of the airway as an allergic reaction to Bigen Hair Dye
  • Hospitalization after suffering reactions caused by Bigen

The products and liability claims lawyers at our office have helped countless people who have reported the symptoms above. We first advise contacting a doctor immediately after using Bigen and suffering an allergic reaction so you can take the proper steps toward the process of healing.

Investigating Serious Reactions Following Use of Bigen Hair Prodcuts.

Bigen Hair Dye Legal Cases

After receiving medical care, our office advises that a Bigen sufferer calls an attorney. The attorneys at our office know this product very well and the health concerns that it causes, so we are able to help you file a claim for the health problems it has caused use.

While the Charles E. Boyk Law Offices is located in Ohio, we can handle Bigen cases throughout the nation. Since we do have extensive experience with these cases, we would be a good choice for anyone who has suffered from a Bigen allergic reaction, regardless of their geographic location.

Bigen Hair Color Victims Need to Seek Justice

To speak to one of the attorneys at our office and explain the pain that Bigen Hair Dye has caused you, call our firm. We will review your use of Bigen over the phone, take note of all of the health symptoms you have experienced, and answer any questions that you may have.

Take the steps toward ensuring that you receive the compensation that you deserve for the health symptoms experienced, as well as the pain and suffering that occurred as a result. Call today and learn your legal options.

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