Baby’s Big Adventure

Police received several calls of a young boy walking his dog on U.S. 68 around 4 a.m. this past Friday.

When police responded they found the 3-year-old boy wandering in the northbound lanes of U.S. 68. Urbana Fire and EMS was called to evaluate the boy and they determined he was fine and did not have any injuries.

Deputies searched the area for the parents of the boy and ended up finding them at an address in the Rolling Hills Mobile Home Park, about an hour later.

The address was about two miles from where the boy was located.

The father was at home asleep and told officers he did not know the boy was missing. The mother was at work when the child disappeared from the residence.

Children’s services was called to investigate and determined the child could stay with parents; however, an investigation is still on-going.

It is scary to think a baby wander two miles away from home with no supervision. This is really an unfortunate situation. It is important to know your child is safe at home and in good care.

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