Average Cost Of An Attorney In Ohio

Average Cost Of An Attorney In Ohio

There is a belief that hiring a lawyer to represent you for an injury case is incredibly expensive. Some injured victims don’t believe that they have the money necessary to hire legal representation, resulting in a failure to receive the full compensation that they deserve.

Our law office operates on a contingency fee. This means that we take a percentage of the overall settlement at the end of the case.

Contingency Fee for Personal Injury Lawyer

A contingency fee is as percentage of the settlement, often noted as 1/3 of the amount of the settlement received. So, if you were in a car accident and sustained injuries and used The Charles E. Boyk Law Office to represent you, and we helped you to receive a $15,000 settlement, we would require $5,000 in payment.

Some people reading this may think that $5,000 is a lot of money to pay a lawyer, but the important thing is to not pay a lawyer by the hour.

The important thing for an injured victim filing a personal injury claim to do is to have an attorney that has no out-of-pocket risk. The attorney will only take a percentage of what they are able to collect, so it is in the attorney’s self-interest to collect as much money for their client as possible. This means they will put in the necessary time and effort to do so.

A contingency fee is the best scenario for both the client and the attorney because it is in the best interest of both to ultimately obtain the largest settlement.

Do I have to pay my lawyer if I don’t get money from my case?

At our office, we receive most of our business through referrals of our previous clients. Our job is to achieve the best possible recovery, make our clients happy, help them receive the most favorable settlement, and have satisfied clients when all is said and done.

Our clients can know that we will give them the best possible service throughout the legal process because doing so helps us in the long run. We build a successful business by offering superior service, resulting in clients who referr us to friends and family.

If you have questions about the payment process for an Ohio personal injury lawyer, or you are wondering if you have a case that would result in a personal injury settlement, call our office at 800.637.81170. You will have the chance to speak directly to one of our lawyers to review your case and see what the options are that you have.

You can also watch this video in which Attorney Charles Boyk further explains the payment process that our office operates on.

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