ATV Accident Puts Woman In Wheelchair

Taryn Schaaf was with her friends in an ATV on September 11, 2009. Some time after midnight the people she was with decided to head back to their campsite after spending the night at a rodeo, concert and then dancing. The driver of the vehicle took a detour over a ravine that he did not see. In the accident, Taryn suffered a collapsed lung and a spinal cord injury.

Schaaf was in a coma for a week and heavily sedated for a month. Although she has since regained control of her arms and partial control of her hands, she will have to use a wheelchair for the rest of her life.


Between 1982 and 2008, 9,633 people have died in ATV accidents. In 2010 there were 317 reported deaths and 115,000 emergency room visits for ATV accidents.


The driver of the ATV had a duty to operate the vehicle within a reasonable amount of care. He could be held liable for causing the accident.

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