Attorney’s Positive Effect On Health & Recovery

How can hiring an attorney affect my health?

When Julie Bobash came out our office in search of legal advice after being in a motorcycle accident, she had no idea of the positive impact that our law office would have on her health.

Three months prior to Julie’s visit, she had been tossed from a motorcycle while riding as a passenger. She was still experiencing a lot of back pain and had been offered only a small amount of compensation from the insurance company. Watch this video about offers from the insurance company.

“It was the best decision I ever made, coming to see Chuck,” Julie said. “He knew many doctors in town and he referred me to Dr. Ebraheim, an orthopedic surgeon, for a second opinion.”

Dr. Ebraheim discovered why Julie’s back pain was so bad; despite having receive previous medical attention, the other doctors miss the fact that she had a shattered vertebra.

How a Lawyer Can Help Your Recovery

When new clients come into our office, we provide them with the following:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the accident
  • An explanation of how it could have caused the injuries and affected their health
  • A review of the other medical opinions they have already been given
  • A recommendation of physicians they can visit for a detailed exam and explanation
  • Regular follow-up calls to their home or cell to check up on their treatment, how they are feeling and to make sure all questions are answered

Why Our Staff Checks Up on Clients

Having our legal staff regularly check up on client not only reminds them that we are constantly working on their case, but it also helps us to recognize any health changes almost immediately.

“Communication is everything,” Chuck Boyk said. The vast majority of our clients are repeat or word-of-mouth clients because they understand we make the effort to help our people understand what they are going through and understand how we are going to fix their problem. Our goal is maximum recovery – both physically and financially.

How We Helped Julie

We helped to notify the insurance company of the true seriousness of Julie’s injuries. Doing so helped up to obtain the proper compensation that she was entitled to, which was much more than her initial offer. When Julie came to use, the at-fault party’s insurance company was only willing to pay $7,500 for Julie’s injuries. After our office got involved and proved the extent to which Julie was injured, the settlement jumped to $140,000.

“It was like a platoon of soldiers standing there on the enemy lines,” Julie said. “[He] fought every bit of the way.”

If you think that you are in a similar situation to what Julie found herself in, call our office at 800.637.8170 to discuss your case with our attorneys.

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