Assisted Living Wrongful Death Case Filed

Assisted Living Wrongful Death Case Filed

On April 9th Erik Kuentzel brought his mother to the Sunshine Villa Assisted Living facility. Among some of the fees that he paid, one of them was for something called a WanderGuard, which is supposed to monitor where the patients go to ensure they are safe. Erik’s mother, Carol Fundingland, was 74 years old and suffered from dementia. He told the facility this along with the fact that she liked to take walks.

Mr. Kuentzel left his mother at the facility at 5:00 that day and she was last seen at 5:30. It was not until 9:21 that the facility realized she was missing and called Erik. Ms. Fundingland was found dead three days later. She had died from hypothermia and exposure. The Assisted Living Home had a responsibility to keep Carol Fundingland safe, and because they did not they will have to pay. If you have lost a loved one to a tragic circumstance like this one, you need help.

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