As Summer Nears Lawn Mower Injuries Rise With The Temperature

Summertime has always been enjoyed by many across the nation. It gives homeowners a chance to spruce up their gardens, trim up their hedges, and of course, mow their lawn. However, as the anticipated summer approaches, experts want to remind those working on outside chores to be smart when it comes to lawn care safety. “Lawn mower accidents always increase drastically in this time of year,” reports The Jere Beasley Report. “Unfortunately, an estimated 9,400 children are injured in lawn mower related accidents each year and many of the accidents result in amputations of legs, hands, fingers, feet and toes”. Reported injuries with the lawn mower most likely occur when a small child gets ran over while the driver is backing up, resulting in approximately 560 lawn mower accidents each year.

Experts are well aware of the dangers lawn mowers pose to small children and are in the works of developing an improved safety standard on all mowers to include a “no-mow-in-reverse” feature. This allows the lawn mowers to not back up while the blade is in motion. Currently, newer lawn mowers models have this feature but are also equipped with an override button which defeats the purpose of the safety standard. Manufacturers are currently looking to relocate the override button on the back seat of the riding mowers in order for drivers to forcibly look behind them to notice small children before hitting the override to back up.

However, though these new lawn mowers seem to be a brighter look towards the future there are still many dangerous older models of lawn mowers still out there. With the life span of an average riding mower being many years, a lot of consumers will continue to use their old model which allows for tragedies to still exist.

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