April Snow Leads To Car Accidents

Left-of-Center Accident

The initial rain that turned into snow made the roadways icy for drivers during their morning commute. These icy conditions led to a fatal Airport Highway accident involving a Honda Civic and a Ford F-350.

Rex George was traveling eastbound over the overpass on Airport Highway when his Honda Civic was hit by a Ford F-350 that slid left-of-center due to the icy roadway. The collision was deadly for the driver of the Honda, Rex George.

We have covered left-of-center accidents in our blog. As the Ohio Revised Code 4511.29 Driving to left of center of roadway in overtaking and passing traffic proceeding in same direction states, anyone who travels left of center into oncoming traffic violates this area of the law. In this case, it would appear as though the driver of the F-350 would be at-fault for the accident that resulted in the death of 65-year-old Rex George.

Our office’s thoughts and prayers are with the George family as they mourn the tragic loss of Rex George.

Spring Snow Accidents

There were also other accidents on Tuesday morning, one of which occurred along Miami Street. One accident reportedly involved three vehicles and resulted in one individual being sent to the hospital.

Another car-truck accident occurred on Oak, with the icy roads at partial blame.

We would advise any of the individuals involved in these accidents who have suffered injury due to the fault of another driver, to contact a car accident lawyer.

Family Member Killed in Car Accident

Our deepest sympathies are with the George family as they have tragically lost a loved one today. Our office has dealt with numerous cases like this in which individuals suffer wrongful death in a car accident.

Below we have provided articles that those going through similar situations may find useful:

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