An Introduction To Ohio Medical Malpractice, Part One

Chances are if you’re reading this blog, you have some questions about negligent medical care that was provided to you or to a loved one. You should know something: you are not alone in your medical malpractice claim. Every day all across Ohio and all across the country, many people walk out of doctors’ offices or hospitals with serious questions or concerns about the medical care that was provided.

Sometimes the fact that there has been a medical error is indisputable. For example, if a doctor was supposed to perform a knee replacement on the right knee and ends up replacing the left knee, there is little doubt that what occurred is medical malpractice. However, as you might imagine, most cases are not nearly as clear cut.
For example, consider the 70-year-old patient who undergoes what should be a routine hernia repair and ends up having severe complications – or dies – after the large intestine is cut. Is this intestinal complication a known and accepted risk of a hernia repair that can happen even when the patient is in the best of medical hands? Was the surgeon’s care negligent such that the large intestine should never have been cut? Was the surgical equipment that was used subject to any recalls? Are there other factors in play that may be discussed in the relevant medical literature?

Oftentimes in these situations, the best way to find honest and straightforward answers to your questions is to have your case evaluated by a knowledgeable and experienced Ohio medical malpractice attorney. While this book may not be able to answer each of the exact questions you have about your unique case, it should help to get you thinking about questions that you should ask a lawyer when considering whether to go forward with a medical malpractice lawsuit.

You should also know that the insurance industry and doctors’ lobbying groups have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to turn public opinion against medical malpractice plaintiffs and the lawyers who bring medical malpractice cases. These groups have tried to convince everyone, especially federal and state lawmakers, that medical malpractice cases are all frivolous and are the cause of high insurance premiums. However, the actual research on this topic tells a very different story.

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