Amusement Park Safety Tips Make For A Fun Summer

Over the warm summer months, millions of tourists travel to amusement parks for fun, food and thrills. However before the adrenaline junkies go out and enjoy the rides, it is important to be aware of safety tips for you and your family.

It has been reported more that the emergency room has admitted almost 8,000 children ages 14 and under nationwide for injuries involving thrill rides at traveling carnivals and amusement parks. Of those 8,000 injured every year, four or five children died.

The famous kiddie rides specially designed for those ages 4 and under largely account for a quarter of all amusement park injuries to children in the U.S. The most dangerous attractions tend to include inflatable rides that require children to bounce or slide.

All attractions feature a height and weight regulation set in place to keep participants safe and parents especially need to be mindful of these policies. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission enforces these regulations for portable carnival rides but do not, however, regulate amusement park rides set at a fixed location.

A participant of any thrill ride must also be able to understand rules associated with the ride and parents of small children need to be responsible for what rides they allow their child to go on.

Listed below are a few tips generated for the safety of occupants:

Abide to all posted safety regulations on the ride.
Use all of the given safety equipment properly (seat belts, chains, lap bars, handles, etc…) Never attempt to loosen your belt once it is correctly attached by the safety operator.
Be aware of the listed regulations on age, height, health, and weight.
Remember to keep arms, legs, and hands inside the ride at all time.
Always Remain seated when the ride is in motion, do not get up until the ride has come to a complete stop and the operator has instructed you to exit the cart.
Listen to all of the operator’s verbal instructions and warnings; they are announced for a reason.
Parents need to educate younger children on safe ride behavior. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS! If a parent does not feel a ride or an operator has been maintained properly, do not allow your child to ride the ride.
Parents should also never force a small child to ride a ride if they don’t want to. When children become nervous they may sit improperly in their seat or try to get off the ride while it’s in motion.
Parents must keep an eye on their children at all times as they get on and off rides.
It is also key for occupants to report any unsafe behavior or condition on a ride to a supervisor or manager immediately. This is the best way to keep all occupants safe!
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