Accident Shuts Down I475 At Talmadge

A Thursday evening accident on I-475 caused the highway to shut down on the eastbound side. The accident has been described as “serious” by WTOL News.

While the crash caused the highway to close, it has not been confirmed if anyone was hurt. Our office worries when any accident is described as “serious”, what the damage was of the vehicles, and the injuries that the individuals involved may have sustained.

Since we have represented many clients who have been involved in a variety of accidents over several years, we have seen the outcome of these types of collisions. Everything from neck and back injuries, to serious injuries involving the extremities – these all affect someone hurt in a vehicle accident. The impact that they can suffer from in a vehicle accident is very dangerous.


Serious Vehicle Accidents often Result in Injuries

We recently shared the personal injury Cases of Interest from our January 2014 Boyk Bulletin. In this post alone, we addressed the effect that a head-on collision can have to an individual, as well as a flip over accident.

In the head-on collision that we highlighted, the victim had to endure several visits to the hospital, x-rays, MRIs, stitches, retina damage, and chest injury from a pulled tendon.

The accident in which the vehicle flipped caused our client to have a broken neck and spine paralysis. These injuries resulted in three surgeries and time in the hospital. Future surgeries are also in her future, along with months of rehabilitation, all from one vehicle accident.


Injured in Vehicle Accident

Our lawyers understand the difficult situation that accident victims are in. They should be focusing on their recovery and future, not the legal aspects of their case. This is why we pay special attention to our clients, understanding that they have a life and need to invest their time into their health and recovery, not navigating the legal landscape.

When we represent a client, we keep them in the loop throughout the entire case, but we put toward the effort. We call our clients with updates so they don’t have to wonder how their case is progressing. We also ensure all deadlines are met and paperwork is complete, making sure that our clients aren’t preoccupied with the details of their case that they shouldn’t be focused on. Instead, we allow them the time to focus on themselves.

Our office checks in on patients regularly throughout their case, not only to give them updates, but also to see how they are doing in general. We truly care about our clients and want to help them receive the justice they deserve and fair compensation.

Our lawyers are available to speak over the phone to anyone who has questions about a vehicle accident. Simply call our office and you will be directed to an attorney who can help you find the answers you are looking for. Call us today to not only find legal answers, but to have the guidance that you need to get through your injury recovery.

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