3 Students Injured In A School Bus Crash

An Austin school bus collided with a truck at the intersection of U.S. Highway 183 and Bolm Road Monday Morning sending three students to the hospital with minor injuries.

The 18 students on the bus were on their way to Austin High School. Initially, authorities believed that one of the drivers reportedly ran a red light, though police are still trying to figure out who truly was at fault for the crash.

The truck smashed into the bus in the back right wheel area after running the red light. Causing damage to both the truck and to the bus.

Thankfully there were no major injuries. Emergency crews responding to the scene of the accident then took the bus driver and three students to University Medical Center Brackenridge to get checked out and address their minor injuries. The current condition of the parties involved is unknown at this particular point in time.

The bus was heading west on Bolm Road, while the Dodge pickup was heading south on Ed Bluestein Boulevard when the crash happened.

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