3 Preventable Workplace Injuries

There are several workplace injuries that can be easily preventable if employers take the proper safety measures. Below we have listed some of the top preventable injuries in hopes that employers take notice of the potential dangers within their workplace.

Preventable Workplace Injuries

  • Slips & Trips

Employees tripping on wet floors or over uneven surfaces can result in various injuries and trauma to the body. Such injuries can be prevented if the employer takes notice and provides the proper signage or takes preventative measures like using non-slip rugs in hazardous areas.

  • Falls from Heights

Falls from elevated areas often occur when employees are operating on faulty equipment. Employers must regularly test equipment to ensure that it meets safety requirements and is not hazardous for employee use.

  • Falling Objects

If objects are not stored in the proper place, they can cause serious injuries, such as head trauma. Employers should ensure materials are stored in a safe manner and does not have the potential to fall and injure and employee.

Injured on the Job

If you have been injured in one of the above ways while on the job and you believe the accident could have been prevented had your employer enforced safety measures, you could have a legitimate work injury case. Call our lawyers at 800.637.8170 to discuss your injuries, how the occurred, and what measures your employer has taken since.

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