10 Questions To Ask When Selecting A Lawyer

10 Questions To Ask When Selecting A Lawyer

Knowing the right questions to ask while finding the right lawyer can be one of the hardest steps in the process. To help you out a little, bellow are 10 questions you should consider while finding the right person to represent you.

1.) How many years have you been practicing? To get a better understanding of the experience level the person you are talking to has this is a need-to-know question. You may be thinking you have a seasoned attorney when in actuality, the person you are working with just graduated from law school.

2.) What experience do you have working with a case like mine? Just because they are an attorney doesn’t mean they have dealt with a situation like yours. Of course there is a first time for everything, however, if you are not comfortable being the first case they have like yours, go somewhere else.

3.) Can you explain my case to me in detail and what legal challenges we may face? This is how you can determine if this lawyer can communicate clearly and effectively with you. If they cannot, you know you don’t want them to represent you.

4.) What is your rating on It is best to have already looked at this to make sure your lawyer isn’t going to lie to you right from the start. Avvo is a web resource that can help you find out information on the lawyer you are reviewing such as client reviews and ratings.

5.) Do you carry malpractice insurance? If they say no, it shows they are unconcerned about your welfare.

6.) Have you been disciplined by your state bar association? If they have, ask for an explanation, they can decide if the reason is worth keeping them as an option or removing them from the list.

7.) Please describe in detail the process I will go through while you are handling my case. Again, this is another chance for you to determine if this lawyer can communicate clearly and effectively with you so you can know if you want them to handle your case.

8.) Who in your office will I be working with on my case? Find out if you’re going to be working with a qualified attorney of a paralegal.

9.) How will you keep me informed on the status of my case? The lawyer should be able to tell you a exactly how they will communicate with you, and go over their communication policy .

10.) Have you published any books, guides, or articles? Of course, you want the best person to represent you. If they have published work, you will be able to see it in print.

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