Attorney Leah Michael’s eNewsletter, Issue 3

Pot of Gold shot courtesy of Downtown Johnnies, 513 Jefferson Street, Toledo, Ohio 43604

Marching Right Along…

March is the month when spring begins, we leap forward in time and the weather starts to warm up. I look forward to it every year because you can see people’s moods change and everyone begins to look forward to summer! This month was just as hectic as always but I did make time to try a few new things and celebrated some major birthdays!

TheStudio419, Me + my sidekick, Leah

Did you know that March is my favorite month of the year? I’ve always had a weird obsession with St. Patrick’s Day starting when I was fairly young, under the age of 21, if you catch my drift. That’s not to say I don’t partake in the adult festivities, but it is something that developed from an innocent curiosity. Starting in the third or fourth grade I fell in love with Ireland and quickly became a fan of anything that had ties to an Irish background. I rooted for Notre Dame and swore I’d attend St. Mary’s College. Now I am no longer an avid fan of Notre Dame, nor did I attend St. Mary’s, but I did learn along the way that my mom’s family was Irish and I’ve had a soft spot for Kelly green ever since.

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Beef cheeks over risotto with seared scallop


Restaurant Week 2018

Food, drinks, and desserts abound during Toledo’s Restaurant Week each year.

I anxiously await for Restaurant Week and am sad to see it go every year.

Registry Bistro is one of my favorite restaurants of all time. The atmosphere is one of a kind and a true interpretation of the seasonal, always fresh menu. It’s not surprising that I stumbled upon my favorite dish of Restaurant Week at Registry, as Chef Erica’s culinary masterpieces are something that I treasure.

I spent the evening with my bestie, Steve Spitler and enjoyed one of the most excellent meals I’ve had in a long time. Pictured above is the delicious slow roasted beef cheeks with seared scallop over risotto.

If you’re looking for a one of a kind dining experience or want to celebrate a milestone check out Registry Bistro located at 144 N. Superior Street, Toledo, Ohio 43604.

Be sure to watch for Toledo’s Restaurant Week 2019, participating restaurants donate a portion of the sales during the week to fund Leadership Toledo programs. Most participating restaurants have specialty menus with offerings not typically seen year round.

Photo: Birthday boss, Charlie Boyk, hard at work with Miss Penny.

Birthday Wishes

There was so many people to celebrate this month! Check the list of my special loved ones that I had the pleasure of celebrating…

I want to take a quick moment to send a special message to some really great people in my life that had birthdays this month.

Steve Spitler – my bestie
Auntie Sue – my good luck charm
Nancy Thomas – world’s greatest co-worker
Charles Boyk – Bossy Boss man
Mike Bruno – Mentor and lover of great music

Hope all of you March babes enjoyed your day!

Photo Credit – Steven Spitler (how many times have I said his name already in this newsletter?!?)
Me, rocking my awesome Scottie Pippen/Bulls t-shirt. Many thanks again to Steve Spitler!


It’s March Madness, Baby!

Do you enjoy watching college basketball? Are you a Bracket champion?

I am not a huge basketball fan but every year I get sucked into March Madness. Mostly because close friends and family enjoy watching it so much. This year has been no exception for excitement. So many upsets! And where did the Loyola Ramblers come from, am I right?

It’s been a great tournament so far and I’m sure many of you are enjoying just as much as I am. I want to hear all about your picks and if you’re still in the running to win big!

Biscuit on his throne


Bark, cough, bark!
Hi, humans. I’ve come down with a nasty case of Kennel cough so I’ve been stuck at home the past few days. But I didn’t want to miss my chance at showing off my new office bed. Mom keeps blabbing something about staying off the “couch”, it’s for clients and co-workers. I tend to tune her out and snuggle into my comfy, velvet office bed. If you’re in my neighborhood pop in to check it out!

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