We Pay Great Referral Fees and Are Looking for Co-Counsel

At Boyk Law, we receive quite a few calls every month about cases we just don’t handle at my practice. (It seems that many people still assume that lawyers will all handle any case they get.) One thing we really don’t like to do is just turn these people away without a way for them to get help.

That’s where our network of co-counsel and referral attorneys come in.

In order to best service between potential clients who are on the hunt for an attorney but whom Boyk Law personally help, we are always looking to improve our network of attorneys to whom we can refer these cases. Are you a potential attorney who could help out some of these callers?

To be added to our referral list, simply fill out our contact form and tell us what types of cases you handle, so that we can start sending cases your way.

We aim to have a set of connections in the legal community that collectively builds our practices by making it easy for potential clients to get hooked up with the right attorney for their case.

There’s not an obligation attached with helping us help others, but you should know that Boyk Law handles personal injury and worker’s compensation cases, and if you find yourself in a position similar to ours, we would be thrilled to be on your referral list. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider working with us on personal injury or worker’s compensation claims:

  • We send newsletters to over 15,000 households in northwest Ohio and eNewsletters to more than 20,000 people
  • We have a strong relationship with the media and the regularly cover our stories and refer us cases
  • Over 70% of our clients come from repeat clients and their referrals, the other 30% originate from the internet, where we have hundreds of five-star client reviews.
  • We have a large staff, state-of-the-art client data and software systems, and a large war chest sufficient to handle even the largest and most catastrophic cases.
  • Our policy is constant communication so you and the client will always be kept in the loop at all times on the status of the case.
  • All of our clients receive top-notch customer service, including
    • Access to the attorneys’ cell phones
    • Free negotiation of their property damage after a car accident
    • Free help setting doctor’s appointments and referrals to specialists
    • Free negotiation to lower their medical bills
    • Free negotiation to reduce their health insurance liens
    • Bi-weekly phone calls to check up on their medical treatment
    • A comprehensive “Impact Statement” interview to discover how the injury has affected their personal life to pass along to the insurance adjuster.
  • All of the above customer service efforts result in higher settlement offers.

Our pledge to you is that in the referral process we will make sure that the clients know you are the hero for having made the connection.

But don’t just take it from us. Read what some of our best referral sources have to say about their experience with Boyk Law:

  • “I like Chuck Boyk so much that I’ve not only come to him one time, but I’ve come to him twice. The reason why I’ve come to him twice, and I would come to him a third time if another accident took place, is because he understands me as an individual.” – Client Dwight Kynard
  • “Chuck came out to see me at the hospital and just that alone showed me that he was a good guy and that he was concerned about me. He came out not once but twice.” – Client Michael Brown
  • “I called many attorneys to see who would handle my case, but Chuck was the only attorney who came to St. Vincent’s Hospital to actually talk to me. He had a lot of work involved in my case, and really helped my family and me out during the recovery process.” – Client Robert Lucas
  • “Chuck produces great results with my personal injury referrals and keeps me informed.” – Attorney J.P. Smith
  • “I have known Chuck for 30 years. His personal attention has helped me maximize recovery on my accident referrals.” – Attorney Richard Koehn
  • “I trust Chuck to do a great job with my personal injury referrals. He did a top notch job with my serious personal injury case.” – Attorney Elliot Feit

Best regards,

Chuck Boyk

P.S. Don’t forget to fill out the contact form to tell us what types of cases you handle. We want to make sure our extra callers get the help they need with their legal issues, and that you’re part of achieving that goal.




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