From the Desk of Leah Michael, Esq. – February 2018

Lessons from a 5-year-old on staying top-of-mind

Many of you have asked me about the purpose of this newsletter. In a nutshell, it’s a vehicle to generate business and a way to keep my name fresh in your mind if you find yourself needing legal assistance. But it’s also a way to brand myself as a prominent personal injury attorney in Toledo. What better way to do that than become a social media star? I asked one of the biggest social media’s stars I know for some pointers. Click the link to see what I learned, and be sure to watch until the end!

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Sharing the Love…
February is the month in which in the biggest Hallmark holiday is celebrated, Valentine’s Day. I decided to share the love with others this month by committing to two volunteers activities.

On Valentine’s Day, I volunteered for WTOL Channel 11’s “Ask the Attorney” segment. I fielded phone calls for two hours from callers all over Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. I have never participated in this segment before and was a little nervous as I was the only attorney there that evening but I ended up really enjoying it! I had a chance to think quickly on my feet and dig into the depths of my legal knowledge that I hadn’t used since taking the bar exam. I would highly recommend all lawyers to commit to this event at least once a year.

This past weekend, I was served as a judge in the American Mock Trial Association’s Regional competition, hosted by The University of Toledo College of Law. Again, I went into the event with a little apprehension, I had no idea if I would be qualified to judge such a competition but I ended up being paired with some of Toledo’s brightest attorneys which made the process so much easier. Thank you to Stuart Cubbon, Mike Mikkonen, and Charlie Boxley for serving as judges with me. Again, I highly recommend all attorneys to take advantage of similar opportunities, you will be blown away by the talent the competitors bring to the table.

Biscuit eyes Gable’s business card. Look closely in the background, the first few attempts at this photo were thwarted by Biscuit’s unsatisfied appetite.

Developing Business Relationships
I’ve worked for Chuck for almost six years, starting as a receptionist, being promoted to his personal litigation paralegal, and finally landing a job as an attorney once I graduated and passed the bar exam. Since the very beginning, Chuck has always taught me that developing business relationships and providing excellent service to clients is the backbone to the success of our business. I know how daunting and boring that sounds to some of you but the best part of learning from Chuck is that he handles business development a lot differently than most other places.

Many attorneys would be heavily involved in local bar association events or clubs, attending numerous conferences and events but not Chuck. He takes a non-traditional approach. He strives to make personal connections with people, getting to know them beyond their professional roles. I’ve found this approach highly effective and Chuck’s laid such great ground work that my job is ten times easier when dealing with people that know him.

The perfect example is Steve Cotner, of Corporate Intelligence. Chuck has employed Steve’s company to assist on cases for decades, providing private investigation services. I had dealt with Steve over the telephone many times since starting at Boyk Law, but I was honored to meet him in person last summer at an event for a mutual friend. Steve had remembered who I was right away and we struck up a conversation relaying how he and Chuck had come to work together and the services he provided to our firm. We even discussed how his office dog, Gable, inspired Chuck to allow our staff to adopt our own office dogs. To thank Steve for his great work and to recognize Gable for his inspiration in building the Boyk Bulldog brigade, Chuck had business cards made for Gable to give to Corporate Intelligence clients! It’s the little things like that which make Chuck and our office unforgettable to people in the community.

Mimosas ready for consumption at Manhattan’s.

Get Out!
A long weekend can either be restful or more demanding than the hectic work week ahead. I can think of no better remedy to both scenarios than brunch with friends and family at Manhattan’s Pub and Cheer, 1516 Adams Street, Toledo, Ohio 43604.

Manhattan’s offers a Sunday brunch buffet from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Their menu includes fresh Belgian waffles, French toast, pancakes, eggs, bacon, kielbasa, roasted turkey, ham, and the list goes on. The food is always excellent, and the atmosphere is homey with 50’s and 60’s music playing softly in the background and friendly servers ready to refill your coffee mug.. It’s a great place to bring out of town guests or your grandmother for a special treat. If you make it to Manhattan’s be sure to say hi to Connie and Penny behind the bar, and don’t forget to grab a mimosa while you’re at it!

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