315 Reasons to Choose Us For Your Legal Needs

Victoria Villarreal - Fremont, Ohio

"They went out of their way to set up appointments for me because I was scared to talk to doctors and scared of always hearing, 'No.'," Victoria said. "They understand; they can help. They know the rules and even when some of the things I didn’t want to happen happened, they explained why it happened and why there is a silver lining underneath it."



Aimee Young - Perrysville, Ohio

"I hope that I will never need a personal injury attorney again," said Aimee. "But if I did, I know where I would go. They took care of everything! I am very lucky to have made a connection with Charles Boyk Law Offices."


Johny D - Radio personality in Toledo, Ohio

"Chuck has always been there for me," Johny said. "Which is important. That's what makes a good lawyer; the people. He's good with the people."


Dwight Kynard - Toledo, Ohio

"The entire team was very professional. I chose Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC to represent me because they are professional, courteous, consistent and aggressively work your case. During the entire process from beginning to the end there was great communication. I really appreciated that everyone was polite, courteous, intelligent, consistent with follow ups and answered all of my questions. They do a great job. It's a great office atmosphere."



Sue Wittman - Oak Harbor, Ohio

 "They talked to us and explained everything. Everyone was so kind and helpful and Charles Boyk Law Offices has become like family to me and my sister."


S'neta Flowers - Toledo, Ohio

"I would definitely recommend Charles Boyk Law Offices because the staff here is wonderful," S'neta said. "They actually take the time out to tell you what is going on with your case. Or ifyou have other concerns, they take the time to listen."



Phil Cogar - Oregon, Ohio

"I couldn't be happier with the result of my case," said Phil. "Chuck's Ohio Accident Book was phenominal as far as guiding me through what steps were necessary, what to do, what not to do, who to talk to, who not to talk to." Check out Phil Cogar's full testimonial.


Robert Lucas - Toledo, Ohio

"I called many lawyers and Chuck Boyk was the only one who would come see me at St. Vincent's Hospital," said Robert. "I am 100% satisified with him and I would highly recommend him and I have recommended him."


Deborah Claytor - Toledo, Ohio

Deborah Claytor discusses how the Charles Boyk Law Offices made her feel comfortable, especially during a time when she was battling a serious brain injury.

"From the day I walked in I could tell that it was a warm friendly environment, and that it wasn’t just about the financial aspect of my injuries or the insurance," Deborah said. "It was first, 'How are you doing? What can we do to help you along the way?' That let me know I was in the right place."


Jennifer Benavidez - Toledo, Ohio

Jennifer Benavidez was so pleased with the service she received at Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC that she offered to film a video on her experience.

“Mike Bruno was my lawyer," Jennifer said. "He was very thorough, very honest and gave me great advice. I would refer anyone to this law firm."


Jeanette Parks - Toledo, Ohio 

"I am very happy with the outcome of my case and will refer anyone to The Charles Boyk Law Offices."


Jeffrey Brown

"I would recommend the Charles Boyk Law Offices over any other injury firm." 


Keandre Gilmer - Toledo, Ohio

"After I was hit by a drunk driver, I built a relationship with Mr. Boyk and his staff, which was great. The entire staff made me feel like family."

Attorney Charles Boyk and Keandre Gilmer


Kenneth Johnson - Toledo, Ohio

"Mr. Boyk is always accessible and would even call me on the weekends. "The staff was very informative, polite and effective throughout my case. There was a very warm feeling in the office and in terms of how the claim was handled."‚Äč


Joyce - Bloomville, Ohio

"I was very excited and pleased with the way I was treated by Charles Boyk Law Offices." 


Nicole - Toledo, Ohio

"While I was a client at the Charles Boyk Law Offices they handled my case very well in that they put all of my options on the table for me to choose. I appreciated that they were very honest with me throughout the whole process of my case. They made sure that everything was OK and they are a part of my family now." 


Rod Duty - Toledo, Ohio

"I couldn't have asked for better representation for my case."


The Gerber Family

"We were able to go about our lives and the Charles E. Boyk Law Offices took care of the rest."


Melissa Stone Crosby

"Everyone at Charles Boyk Law Offices was able to answer all my questions and I was very satisfied with my case."