Construction Workers Struck By Vehicle On Site

Three construction workers were hit on a CSX construction site on Monday. The accident happened in the morning at a railroad crossing construction site near Bradner.

The three men injured included Jim Conley of Findlay, Luis Knott III of Banner, Kentucky; and Paul Castle of Painstville, Kentucky. The vehicle that struck the workers was operated by 26-year-old Cory Rickard.

Following the accident, Castle was taken by air ambulance to Mercy St. Vincent Memorial Hospital. Conley and Knott were both transported to Wood County Hospital in Bowling Green. The driver, Rickard, also suffered minor injuries and was taken to Wood County Hospital. Our office is sending are thoughts to those injured, as well as their families.

The sheriff’s office has reported that this injury accident took place at the CSX crossing on Bradner Road. The crossing was closed because of crossing work.

It is reported that Rickard drove around barricades, traveling into the construction site. He then hit a utility pole before he struck the three construction workers. Rickard’s vehicle then hit an CSX maintenance truck before going off the east side of the railroad tracks.

While the sheriff’s office has stated that this accident is still under investigation, our lawyers belive that the injured construction workers and their families should seek representation as soon as possible for their injuries.

The accident appears to be caused by Rickard, so the construction workers’ chances of an injury claim are very strong. This accident is unique in the sense that the driver that caused it went onto a closed construction site.

The lawyers at our office would ensure that those three construction workers injured in this accident receive the most favorable settlement. When it comes to injury accidents, some things may seem confusing to the victim, such as statute of limitations, specific deadlines, and other legal specifics. Our lawyers represent clients that have found themselves in similar situations, helping them to receive the compensation that they deserve for the injuries that kept them from work and caused a stack of medical bills.

Call 800.637.8170 to speak to our lawyers about your construction site injury case. We can answer any questions that you may have regarding the subject, as well as give a free case evaluation over the phone. Our goal is to help you get through this difficult situation by understanding what you are feeling and doing what we can to make things easier. Call us today to take the worry off of your shoulders and know that qualified individuals are doing everything they can to help you.

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