Toledo Funeral Home Negligence

To be taken advantage of while mourning the loss of a loved one is unimaginable, but the truth is that it does occur. Funeral home negligence is an issue that many do not know exists. Part of the reason that it is not a well-known problem is that the victims of funeral negligence do not enjoy talking about the horrible experience.

Those who commit funeral home negligence take advantage of people that are emotionally unstable and dealing with a significant loss. It is insensitive and inhumane to do such a thing, and our Fremont negligence attorneys would like to do all we can to put an end to it.

If you have been subject to funeral home negligence and were treated unfairly, charged for services that were never received, and feel taken advantage of, please call our office at 800.637.8170. By filing a claim you can help to prevent this from happening to others in the future.

Our Fremont negligence attorneys have the resources and the experience to take your case and do what we can to ensure a settlement is received. We value our clients who are always our first priority.

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