Toledo Cyberbullying Lawyer

The internet is an irreplaceable tool vital for daily functioning. Whether using technology for business, culture, or socializing, the internet has undeniably changed the way most people across the world interact.

As more and more people turn to technology to connect with friends and family, the need for legal representation stemming from online disputes only grows. When such disputes involve bullying, a Toledo cyberbullying lawyer can be an incredible ally. Contact a skilled injury attorney right away.

Frequency of Internet Harassment

Cyberbullying happens most frequently among middle and high school students, when students use computers, smartphones, and social media to threaten, humiliate, or harass other students.

When this happens, the laws surrounding such behavior can be confusing. Cyberbullying can result in criminal charges. This is why hiring a Toledo cyberbullying lawyer is so important.

Common Cyberbullying Cases

Toledo cyberbullying lawyers know that these charges are incredibly common. It occurs virtually all over the world in a wide variety of formats. Some of the most common kinds of cyberbullying include:

  • Sending malicious or unkind messages over a sustained period of time can have long-reaching ramifications for the individual being harassed. Victims of online harassment frequently suffer from low self-esteem
  • When online harassment turns into cyberstalking, the victim’s personal safety is at risk. This can extend to threats of violence and can lead to serious consequences
  • Commonly known as catfishing, online impersonation can potentially humiliate a victim in front of peers
  • A person who repeatedly excludes others by failing to tag them in a group or include them in messages can be guilty of cyberbullying
  • Publishing personal information about a person online is a violation of privacy and a form of cyberbullying

As society increasingly relies upon technology, cyberbullying will become an ever-growing problem. The negative social, mental, and emotional impact of such behavior can wreak havoc on a young person’s life. 

Potential Cyberbullying Charges

Authorities charge those accused of cyberbullying under the state’s telecommunication harassment laws. When a person is found to be making anonymous phone calls or sending anonymous text messages, they may face charges.

Cyberbullies may also be arrested if they engage in two or more acts that cause another to believe they will be physically or mentally attacked. The law also includes ramifications for those who post messages online encouraging others to bully or abuse someone.

Associated Penalties

Telecommunications harassment can result in punishments of up to six months in jail and fines of up to $1,000. Should a person be convicted a second time, however, they face much stiffer penalties: up to one year in prison and $2,500 in fines.

Cyberbullies may also face civil lawsuits filed by victims seeking to recover monetary damages for the emotional or financial hardship caused by the bully. 

Talk to a Toledo Cyberbullying Attorney

The legalities surrounding cyberbullying cases are confusing and constantly evolving. After a traumatic event or accusation, allow a Toledo cyberbullying lawyer to take the lead and ensure your rights are protected.

Call to set up a confidential consultation with a knowledgeable cyberbullying attorney. Just one conversation can clarify your legal options moving forward and set you on a path towards justice and peace of mind.

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