Sylvania Birth Injury Claims

No mother ever wants to have to go through a difficult childbirth. But, we all know not everything goes perfectly for every delivering mother. There are certain cases in which the medical professionals on the delivery team must use tools to help assist during delivery. One tool that is used to help guide the baby from the birth canal is forceps.

Shaped like large salad tongs, forceps are used to grasp the baby’s head and assist in bringing them from the birth canal. Forceps are used when the mother is unable to push, or has been pushing for over two hours. They can help deliver the baby faster if an immediate delivery is deemed necessary for the baby’s safety.

Forceps may cause both temporary and permanent damage to the baby. They are at risk for minor facial injuries that clear up after a few days, to serious bleeding of the brain. Facial palsy is another risk the baby faces. Although serious injuries are not common, there is still a possibility that they can occur if the delivery team does not use the forceps properly.

The delivering mother is also at risk when forceps are used during delivering. They may experience vaginal tears or wounds in the genital tract. Another unfortunate side effect that a mother may experience is urinary or fecal incontinence. These are common risks of vaginal delivery in general, but are more likely to occur when forceps are used.

Contact a Birth Injury Lawyer

If you or your baby was seriously injured due to the improper use of forceps during delivery, contact our medical malpractice lawyers. Our office is experienced with legal claims involving this type of injury and can help you navigate through Sylvania birth injury claims. You can also order a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Medical Malpractice Claims in Ohio to have information on hand at all times.


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