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Sandusky sees many commercial buses thanks to the groups and companies that take trips to Cedar Point throughout the amusement park season. Whether it’s a church group or a kids club, there are many buses that drive through the lakefront area with the final destination of roller coasters and fun in the sun.

The types of buses one may see are commercial or charter buses, shuttle buses, and party buses all full with excited passengers.

Bus Accidents

It is absolutely tragic when a bus accident occurs as there are rarely accidents with no injuries reported. These accidents are almost always highlighted in the news, and viewers always hope that there are no life-threatening injuries or fatalities.

What does a bus accident victim do to receive damages for injuries they’ve sustained?

This question has several answers, as there are many different things to do when filing such a claim and many different companies and agencies to deal with as well.

Our office recommends hiring a Sandusky bus accident lawyer to help with the claims process. This is a serious matter and should not be up to the victim to figure out on their own.

Proper Bus Safety Procedures

With several safety precautions taken, school buses are safe for students most of the time. But, some problems may occur during the boarding and un-boarding process. This simply means that students are more likely to get injured or killed when getting on and off of a school bus than when they are riding the school bus.

Some school bus accidents occur because there is a lack of safety procedures implemented when a child gets off of the bus. This means that there is not a specified routine for getting off of the bus, or the child does not have a designated area to stand upon departure until the bus has cleared the area.

If proper precautions are not taken to ensure child safety, accidents are bound to happen. If your child is has been injured while riding a school bus, legal claims can be filed.

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