Port Clinton Distracted Teen Driving

Young people have a tendency to feel invincible, or think that the rules do not apply to them. This common thought process relates directly to the teen distracted driving statistics reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The statistics below tell us that teenage drivers do not fully understand the consequences of distracted driving and how they can put their life, and the lives of others in danger. If you or a loved on has been in a car accident with a teenage driver, call an experienced car accident attorney.


  • Approximately 85% of teenage drivers admit to driving distracted while realizing that it is dangerous to do so
  • One-third of teenage drivers who admit to driving distracted claim to be good at multitasking
  • One-third of teenage drivers say they have almost been in an accident because of distracted driving
  • 16-percent of teenage drivers that were involved in fatal accidents reported distracted driving as a cause

The above statistics show that teenage drivers may know that driving distracted is dangerous, but for some reason they believe that they won’t be affected by the negative consequences associated with it. For this reason, parents must talk with their teenage drivers about distracted driving and how important it is for their safety to drive distraction free.

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