Perrysburg Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer

Pool fences have specific regulations that must be met for pools of all types – public, private, residential, hotel, and motel. The reason for such regulations is to help prevent drowning accidents by keeping children out of pool areas when they are not meant to be there.

If a pool fence is defective, it may not serve its purpose of providing safety. It may not meet the defined standards if it is not maintained properly, or if it simply was not installed correctly. If a pool fence has not met

Pool Fence Standards

  • Pool fences should be at least 4 feet in height
  • Fences must surround the entire pool
  • Gaps in the fence should not be more than 4 inches
  • The fence gates must be self-closing and self-latching
  • A child should not be able to reach the fence gate

Pool Safety Standards

  • Safety covers should be placed on pools or hot tubs when not in use
  • Remove toys from water after each use
  • Cover drains to prevent a entrapment
  • Have emergency equipment easily accessible

Contact a Lawyer

If your loved one was involved in a drowning accident that was caused by a defective pool fence, contact a Perrysburg swimming pool accident lawyer today. If the accident occurred due to a fence that did not meet the rules and regulations, the injured individual may be able to seek compensation. An experienced attorney can help those involved receive the compensation that they deserve.

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