Perrysburg Sidewalk Accident Lawyer

Have you been injured because of a raised or uneven sidewalk? At the Charles Boyk Law Office our fall injury attorneys have seen many instances where even though an individual can be taking the proper precautions while walking on a public sidewalk, because of the sidewalk being damaged or uneven, the victim trips and suffers serious injuries as a result. These types of falls can happen in the evening but they can also occur in the middle of the day as many walkers are not focused specifically on the ground below them as they travel from one point to the next.

Perrysburg is a city in Wood County with a population of 20,623 people. Sidewalks are supposed to be a safer way for pedestrians to travel, but when they become defective or are raised, they can pose a safety threat to those who use them. If you have been injured from a sidewalk accident, call a Perrysburg sidewalk accident lawyer to discuss your case.

Here at our office we extend to our clients something called the No Fee Promise, which states that you will not be charged any legal fees unless a settlement is obtained for you.

Contacting an Attorney

If you would like more information as to your next step after an injury on a sidewalk in Perrysburg, contact a Perrysburg sidewalk accident lawyer today. Our personal injury attorneys are here to discuss your options and to help you through the complex process that is sidewalk injuries.

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