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As of August 26, 2010, DePuy Orthopaedics announced that they are recalling two types of their hip implants because their early failure rates are higher than what was anticipated. DePuy Orthopaedics is a division of Johnson and Johnson.

The two hip implants that are affected by this recall are ASR XL Acetabular System, which is used for total hip replacements, and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System, which is used in a type of bone-conserving procedure.

The studies show that five years after the hip was implanted, 12% of patients who had received the ASR Resurfacing System and 13% of patients who received the ASR total hip replacement were in need of having it replaced again.

The recalled hips were available beginning in July of 2003.  If you underwent a hip surgery after July 2003 and think that you received a DePuy ASR hip implant, you should contact our hip replacement lawyers immediately. The mass torts lawyers here at the Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC are experienced at handling these types of cases and will work with you to get you the settlement you deserve.

There is also an ongoing investigation to determine if there is a possible link between Biomet metal-on-metal hips and their higher rates of failure.

Hip Replacement Issues

Experts in the medical field are claiming that the design of the Biomet M2A Magnum is the driving force behind the major medical complications that seem to be associated with the implant. Marketed to a younger, more active audience, Biomet patients were told the hip system would last for many years to come. In many cases the opposite was true. Many of the Biomet Magnum patients are in need of a revision surgery after only a few years.

Although most of the hip replacements on the market include components that are plastic, all three of the Biomet’s pieces are made of metal, including the femoral head, the stem, and the acetabular cup.

The problem comes in because as the patient moves with their new hip, the metal pieces grind against one another, causing tiny particles of metal to flake off of the device and enter the body, which is very similar to what is happening in DePuy ASR patients. Below are the problems that have become associated with this metal flaking which may warrant the attention of a hip replacement attorney:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Immobility
  • Pseudo tumors
  • Difficulty standing
  • Loosening of the device
  • Elevated levels of cobalt and chromium in the bloodstream

If you would like more information regarding the problems associated with Biomet hips and the recall involving Depuy hips, call to schedule a free consultation or fill out our contact form.

Osteolysis is bone loss surrounding the failing hip replacement. When the debris produced by the implant is in the system, osteolysis is the body’s way of trying to clean that up. The body will release different enzymes, protein molecules, and other reactions to try to dissolve the foreign particles. The attempt to dissolve foreign particles then turns into chronic inflammation for the individual.

The bone surrounding the implant is then eventually degraded after a constant release of macrophage cells. Eventually, the bone will be deteriorated to the point where the prosthesis will fail.

Contacting a Hip Replacement Lawyer

If you have experienced any of the above complications from a Depuy or Stryker hip replacement, call our hip replacement lawyers today. This type of complication can change one’s life forever and cause permanent disability. We believe that the affected patients deserve compensation for their pain and suffering.