Widow Files Wrongful Death Claim Following Late Husband’s On-The-Job Accident

On February 26, 2019, our client’s late husband was employed by Koelsch Electric Company as a material handler to perform electrical work on a combination refrigerator/freezer at the Streetsboro Target. Koelsch Electric was contracted by Climate Pros, LLC, which was contracted by Everidge Inc. and Target Corporation.

On February 26, 2019, our client’s late husband, climbed a ladder to access the top of the refrigerator/freezer and received an electric shock that caused him to fall 10-12 feet to the floor. He hit his head and was rendered unconscious. After being found on the ground by a Target employee, he was rushed to the hospital.

At the hospital, medical professionals diagnosed him with a subdural hemorrhage, diffuse traumatic brain injury, traumatic hemorrhage of the cerebrum, and multiple rib fractures. He underwent a bifrontal decompressive craniectomy on March 1, 2019, but never regained consciousness. As the administrator of her late husband’s estate, our client is pursuing a wrongful death claim against Target Corporation, Climate Pros, LLC, and Everidge Inc.

Establishing Negligence

Defendants Target Corporation, Climate Pros, LLC, and Everidge Inc. all had a responsibility to keep our client’s late husband safe. Nevertheless, these companies failed to ensure the ladder the decedent was using was secured to the refrigerator/freezer and safe for use.

The defendants also failed to ensure that the electrical circuits were locked and tagged out before the deceased began working on the machine. The defendants’ negligence directly caused our client’s late husband to suffer fatal injuries.

Wrongful Death and Survival Action

Because defendants Climate Pros, LLC, Target Corporation, and Everidge, Inc. all failed to adhere to the standards of care they owed the decedent, our client lost her husband. In addition to the grief she is currently experiencing, she is left with memories of her husband’s pain and suffering in the days before his death.

Additionally, our client has incurred significant financial losses, including medical, funeral burial, internment, and estate expenses. On behalf of our client, we are seeking compensation to address all the economic and non-economic damages she has suffered.

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