Negligent Medical Transport Leads to Suit

The company Mobile Care EMS & Transport Inc. oversaw the transport of our client to her normal dialysis treatment. Before departure, the driver improperly secured our client which caused her to be thrown from her wheelchair when the vehicle made an abrupt stop.

The accident left her with serious injuries and the stop caused our client to be thrown from her wheelchair. Our client suffered bilateral tibia and fibula fractures. These fractures required extensive medical care which included both physical and occupational therapy.

This accident has left our client with painstaking transportation anxiety. Her life depends on these transports as they bring her to her dialysis treatments. To travel she now needs anti-anxiety medication.

Our client has paid substantial medical costs, suffered from anxiety, depression, and a loss of enjoyment in life. These injuries are only made worse by their permanent nature as they require our client to pay for future medical care.

The dedicated attorneys at Charles Boyk law worked with our client to pursue a lawsuit on multiple negligence claims. We hope this judgment will help her move forward and aid in her recovery process.

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