Injured Worker and Family Seek Compensation for Workplace Accident

On June 21, 2019, our client, an employee of Tradesmen International, LLC, was installing a pipe for utility lines at a Love’s Travel Stop construction site in Edon, Williams County, Ohio. Our client was working with another plumber, employed by National Labor Contractors, Inc., on the project. Core Construction, Inc. was the general contractor on site and was responsible for enforcing safety protocols.

The other plumber, under the direction of Core Construction, used a backhoe excavator to lower a compactor into a trench where our client was working. While our client’s hand was on a trench box, the other worker moved the controls of the excavator, causing the bucket of the backhoe to crash down on our client’s finger, crushing it. Our client immediately sought medical treatment and ultimately had to undergo a partial amputation of his right index finger.

Establishing Negligence and Vicarious Liability

Our client suffered severe injuries and lost a limb due to the other worker’s actions. Because the other worker onsite was operating under the scope of both National Labor Contractors and Core Construction, both defendants are vicariously liable for the acts of the plumber.

National Labor Contractors also had a responsibility to ensure that the workers it provided to the job site were properly trained, licensed, and capable of performing the work needed on site. National Labor Contractors breached its duty of care by failing to ensure the plumber onsite was experienced and competent.

Additionally, Core Construction had a responsibility to keep the workspace safe. That company breached its duty of care as well. Due to the negligence of both companies, our client suffered lasting injuries.

Assessing Our Clients’ Losses

The defendants caused our client to suffer severe injuries, mental anguish, emotional distress, and financial losses. Our client also believes that his injuries will require future medical care, leading to more medical bills and a loss in earning capacity.

Our client’s family has also suffered losses due to this accident. Our client’s spouse and children have been deprived of the love, affection, services, consortium, and society of their husband and father. The children’s ability to carry on with daily activities with their father has been significantly impacted by this accident. To cover our client and his family’s financial, emotional, and physical damages, we are seeking appropriate compensation from the at-fault parties.

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