Injured Spouse Sues after Car Accident

Our client was involved in a car crash in Toledo, Ohio that changed her and her spouse’s life.

While traveling on Alexis Road in Lucas County, our client brought her vehicle to a stop when the traffic ahead of her stopped. At the same time, another vehicle behind her collided with her from behind. This collision resulted in serious injuries that greatly changed our client’s way of life.

As a result of the negligent driver’s actions, our client sustained injuries to her neck, shoulder, and back. These injuries caused severe pain and suffering to our client and the incursion of substantial medical expenses.

In addition to this, these injuries greatly impacted our client’s marriage. Our client’s spouse was deprived of the love and affection he grew accustomed to from his wife due to the trauma and injuries she sustained during this accident.

Our lawsuit is pursuing claims of negligence and loss of consortium. The compensation from this suit cannot take away the pain of the accident, but it can go a long way to getting our client’s life back to normal.

Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC