Driver Smashed Between Van & Semi-Truck Loses Use of His Legs

As our client was traveling on the interstate in Indiana, he came upon stopped traffic. Although he correctly slowed for the traffic ahead, our client was rear-ended by a semi-truck that was traveling at approximately 65-70 mph. The force of the collision stuck the two vehicles together and drove our client’s car forward into the rear of another semi-truck.

Evaluating Our Client’s Damages

When first responders arrived on the scene, our client was located behind his driver’s seat, pinned between the seat and the door. It took nearly twenty minutes to extract him from his vehicle. Our client was then rushed to the emergency room, where he was found to have a broken back and a fractured arm. He also suffered a neck and spinal cord injury that paralyzed him, costing him the use of his legs. Due to the severity of his injuries, our client was life-flighted from Indiana to a hospital in Chicago, Illinois. He remains in the hospital and faces a long road to recovery.

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