Driver Side Impact by Truck Leads to Lawsuit

While driving in Allen County, Ohio, our client was involved in a devastating collision with a truck. He was traveling westbound on Lincoln Highway when his driver’s side door was crashed into by a truck that failed to yield to a stop sign. The truck driver was working for the company, Drop Ship, LLC. This collision left our client trapped in his vehicle with severe injuries until emergency personnel arrived and mechanically pried our client out of his vehicle.

This incident caused our client to endure severe bleeding, a laceration so grave it left bone exposed, chipped teeth, a scalp laceration, and neck pains. These injuries are permanent and our client will suffer from lifelong nerve damage in his arm due to this accident.

The experienced Ohio truck wreck lawyers at the Charles Boyk Law Offices are pursuing a lawsuit for an amount on counts of negligence and negligent entrustment against the reckless driver and trucking company.

If you or a loved one has suffered severe injuries due to a negligent truck driver, do not hesitate to get the help you deserve. The attorneys at Charles Boyk Law Offices are ready to help you fight for fair compensation. To schedule a free consultation, click here.

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