Case Results

$210,000 Settlement – 85-Year-Old Elderly Woman Injured Due to Negligent Transport Company

In 2018, our client was being transported from a dialysis appointment to her residence in a nursing home by a medical transport company. While the transport company and its employee were entrusted with safely transferring our client, they neglected their duties to her by failing to properly secure our client’s wheelchair in the back of the transport vehicle. While driving down the interstate, the employee suddenly slammed on the brakes, jolting our client and throwing her unsecured wheelchair forward in the back of the transport vehicle. As a result, our client fractured both of her ankles. She was transported to a nearby hospital, where she remained for several days.

Prior to this accident, our elderly client was a motivated, active, and relatively independent individual despite her existing health issues. After the accident, she suffered immense pain due to her broken ankles. This left her unable to take part in the various leisure activities that brought her joy in life, and at times this dramatic change in her lifestyle caused her to become so depressed that she wished for the end of her life.

Our client also suffered from severe anxiety related to riding in transport vehicles after this incident. This created a significant problem for her health, as our client relied heavily on transport services to take her to and from her dialysis appointments several days a week. Paralyzed with fear and anxiety, our client required anti-anxiety medication to endure the transport process. Her anxiety became so severe that she contemplated stopping her dialysis treatment altogether, a decision that would have been fatal. Even though her injuries healed, she was left with continued pain that resulted in a much lower quality of life than she had enjoyed previously.

Our services were retained shortly after the accident occurred and we worked tirelessly to ensure that our client obtained a favorable result. After filing suit in the Common Pleas Court of Lucas County on behalf of our client against the defendant employee as well as the defendant transport company, we were able to negotiate a substantial settlement.

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