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Episode 3: Trial by COVID: How Does a Jury Trial During the Pandemic Work? In this episode, our firm owner Chuck Boyk sits down with insurance defense Attorney Shannon George, an Attorney at Ritter, Robinson, McCready & James, Ltd. Shannon is one of the very few attorneys in the state of Ohio to have tried a civil case before a jury during the pandemic! She shares details about the safety measures put in place and walks us through each stage of the trial. She also tells us how the trial almost came to a crashing halt when a juror was exposed to COVID-19.

Episode 2: In this episode, Attorney Mike Bruno shares stories about cases that hinged not so much on evidence, but rather on things like footwear, being a jerk, and humiliating a juror. Fellow Attorney Katie Harris talks about witnessing a serious clothing misjudgment in court and her own experiences as a juror. Katie also gives tips for appearing in court virtually, and Mike tells a story of how that was happening…in the 80s! Mike wraps up with a revealing story about an item of clothing that caused his late father, Attorney Dominic Bruno, to be removed from court! 

Episode 1: In this episode, we sat down with veteran Attorneys Chuck Boyk and Mike Bruno to try to answer the question, “What is Personal Injury Law?” Because we deal with so many auto accidents, we are intimately familiar with car insurance. Chuck sat down with his personal insurance agent, Nicole Bloomer, to talk about the types coverage available with car insurance and which ones actually make sense.

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Go into chambers with attorneys Chuck Boyk, Mike Bruno, Wes Merillat, Katie Harris, and Andrea Young on our new podcast, The Boyk Brief. Every week, we will brief each other on our recent cases, chat about the ups and downs of civil law, and share some of our wildest legal stories. All in 30 minutes or less. We’ll be occasionally joined by local judges, fellow attorneys, celebrities, experts, and even by one of our office’s furry friends.


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