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Go into chambers with attorneys Chuck Boyk, Mike Bruno, Wes Merillat, Katie Harris, and Andrea Young on our new podcast, The Boyk Brief. Every week, we will brief each other on our recent cases, chat about the ups and downs of civil law, and share some of our issues important to our communities. We’ll be joined by local judges, fellow attorneys, celebrities, experts, and even by one of our office’s furry friends.


Episode 22: Mike Nusbaum – Planning For Your Financial Future – Watch Now

Attorney Chuck Boyk sits down with a special guest to talk about a topic many would rather avoid, but everyone should know more about: Money. Financial Planner Mike Nusbaum joins Chuck to discuss how working with a financial professional can avoid a world of hurt and frustration down the road.

Episode 21: Mike Bruno and Peter Bruno – Brewmaster in the House – Watch Now! Listen Now!

Attorney Mike Bruno of Charles E. Boyk Law talks beer and brewing with his son Peter Bruno, Head Brewer at Northern United Brewing Company, brewers of North Peak Beers and Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales in Dexter, Michigan.

Episode 20: Steve Reamey – Giving Back to Caregivers – Watch Now! Listen Now!

In this episode of the Boyk Brief, Chuck sits down with Marketing Specialist and Toledo radio personality Steve Reamey. Steve tells us about Caregivers360, a program that recognizes a local caregiver hero each month. Honorees are nominated by the community and local sponsors present them with prizes and pampering. For more information or to nominate a caregiver visit

Episode 19: Bob Lucas – Out of the Fire – Watch Now!

In this episode of the Boyk Brief, Chuck sits down with past personal injury client Bob Lucas. After Bob suffered horrific burns to a large portion of his body, Boyk Law was able to help. We worked with Bob to secure the compensation necessary to cover the costs of his recovery.

Episode 18: Pete Rost – Tales of a Legendary Defender – Watch Now!

In this episode of the Boyk Brief, Chuck Boyk sits down with a true legend of the Northwest Ohio legal community: Pete Rost. As a criminal defense attorney taking on some of the most shocking crimes and situations, Pete certainly has stories to tell. Don’t miss it!

Episode 17: Ashley A. Futrell – Advocacy, Belonging, and the Law – Listen Now!

In this episode of the Boyk Brief, Marketing Director Desmond Strooh and Boyk Law Attorney Andrea Young speak with the fascinating Ashley A. Futrell, an Attorney at Law at Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP in Toledo, Ohio. Ashley stopped by to share about her fascinating career, talk about her current role at Shumaker, and emphasize the importance of being an advocate for social justice both in your community as well as in your workplace.

Episode 16: Andrea Young – The Long Road to Law – Listen Now!

In this episode of the Boyk Brief, we sat down with Boyk Law Attorneys Chuck Boyk and Andrea Young to hear about Andrea’s background and the unusual path she took to become a lawyer. From performing with a traveling circus to having a family while working through college, and from graduating with honors from law school to making it to the final round of tryouts to be a dancer for an NBA team, Andrea’s done it all. Check it out today! View Andrea’s profile

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Episode 15: Wendi Huntley – Tackling Childhood Hunger – Listen Now!

Wendi Huntley joined us on the Boyk Brief! Wendi is the President of Connecting Kids to Meals, LLC, a non-profit organization in Northwest Ohio that works to fight childhood hunger by providing hot, nutritious meals at no cost to at-risk kids ages 18 and under in low-income and underserved areas. Since the organization began in 2002, the organization has served more than 7 million meals to hungry children in Northwest Ohio. Wendi became the Director of Development and Communication in March of 2016 and was named Executive Director in July of that same year. Since then, she has led the organization through significant growth, recently expanding its operations by building an industrial kitchen in downtown Toledo and stepping up in a major way during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Episode 14: Car Accidents from Soup to Nuts with Chuck and Mike – Listen Now!

In this episode of the Boyk Brief, Boyk Law attorneys Mike Bruno and Chuck Boyk sit down to discuss some of the most common questions and issues they face when pursuing a car accident-related injury claim. Mike and Chuck talk about the importance of staying with treatment and how they can help you pay for it. Chuck walks through dealing with property damage, and Mike makes an impassioned plea for everyone to add uninsured motorist insurance to their auto policies

Episode 13: Charlie Contrada – “To thine own self be true.” – Listen Now!

In this episode, Desmond Strooh and Chuck Boyk sit down with a true legend of the Toledo Legal Community, fellow Personal Injury Attorney Charlie Contrada. Charlie has been practicing personal injury law in Toledo since 1979, and in that time, he has worked tirelessly to help thousands of people reclaim their lives and recover from injuries. We were delighted to get to know the man behind TV ads and made some surprising discoveries, including Charlie’s love of Shakespeare!

Episode 12: Silent No More – Two Women Sexually Assaulted by Ron Jeremy Come Forward – Listen Now!

In this episode, In this episode of the Boyk Brief, two women who were sexually assaulted by former Adult Entertainment performer Ron Jeremy break their silence. Both share details about their experiences and, more importantly, speak about the toll the assaults have taken on their lives. This content may not be appropriate for children. By sharing these stories, our hope is to amplify their voices and encourage other women to come forward and seek justice. If you have been the victim of sexual violence, call our offices today for a confidential and free consultation with our attorneys and legal professionals. 1-800-637-8170. We are ready to listen without judgment.

Episode 11: Joe Shinaver – The Tech Savvy Attorney – Listen Now!

In this episode, Marketing Director Desmond Strooh sits down with Boyk Law Paralegal Tammy Bronowski and Attorney Joe Shinaver, owner of Shinaver Law. Joe shares about his unique background in web development, programming, and law, and dishes out helpful tips about the technology he uses to optimize his practice and give his clients top-notch service. We also touch on the prospect of virtual trials and what issues attorneys may face with a jury on video. Check out Joe’s practice online:

Episode 10: Julia Benfield – Boyk Law’s Secret Weapon – Listen Now!

In this episode, Desmond sits down with Julia Benfield. As a nurse, paralegal, entrepreneur, and former Karate instructor, Julia is a true renaissance woman and is a force to be reckoned with. Julia and I talked through her varied career starting with nursing, then jumping into the worlds of law, education, and entrepreneurship. We also talk about the incredible value Julia adds for our clients a nurse paralegal here at Boyk Law. We wrap up by talking about the local winery she and her husband run!

Episode 9: Mary Westphal – Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Listen Now!

In this episode, Desmond Strooh sits down with someone very special in his life, his former boss at Susan G. Komen, Mary Westphal! Komen is the world’s largest breast cancer organization, and in honor of October being breast cancer awareness month, we wanted to give Mary an opportunity to talk about the current status of the fight against breast cancer and share about changes happening with the Komen organization. We also shift gears and talk about Mary’s fascinating career, and she even shares the story of how she won her husband in an auction!

Episode 8: Judge Myron Duhart – Do Better, Be Better – Listen Now!

In this episode, Chuck Boyk and Desmond Strooh sit down with Judge Myron Duhart. Judge Duhart currently a Lucas County Common Pleas Judge and is running for a seat on the 6th District Court of Appeals.  Judge Duhart talks about his upbringing in Toledo, his education, his philosophy on the bench. And he offers rarely shared details about *how* he made it to where he is today and *who* made him the man he is today. Judge Duhart also jumps at the opportunity to brag about his kids, talks about the importance of continuing education, and chats about the challenges of campaigning during a pandemic. 

Episode 7: Lori Olender – Child Advocate to Judicial Candidate – Listen Now!

In this episode, Boyk Law Attorneys Chuck Boyk and Andrea Young sit down with Lori Olender, a judicial candidate for the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas.  Lori shares about how she decided to be a lawyer at the age of nine and then walks us through her career, first as a public defender and then as a Child Victim Prosecutor. A devoted football fan, Lori talks about how she came to love The Cleveland Browns through special times with her family, and then answers the question asked of all candidates: why should voters select her to be a judge in Lucas County?

Episode 6: Judge Nicole Khoury – From Janis to Judge – Listen Now!

In this episode, Boyk Law Attorney Andrea Young and sits down with the Honorable Judge Nicole Khoury for an in-depth chat about Judge Khoury’s career both in the courtroom and on stage. This episode of the Boyk Brief was recorded in Judge Khoury’s offices at the Toledo Municipal Court. Judge Khoury tells Andrea about growing up in a musical family in Toledo’s south end and how she started singing. Ever the ball of energy, Judge Khoury also shares about how she graduated early twice, started a band, and founded a nonprofit, all while running a successful criminal defense practice.

Episode 5: Criminal Defense Attorney Kurt Bruderly – Justice with a Capital J – Listen Now!

In this episode, Boyk Law Attorney Andrea Young and Marketing Director Desmond Strooh sit down with the talented and funny criminal defense attorney Kurt Bruderly. Kurt shares what drew him to practice criminal defense law and his thoughts about the criminal law system. We also dive into what true justice is, whether the system is broken, and the role of theater in jury trials. Kurt wraps up by answering the question asked of all criminal defense attorneys: “How do you defend THOSE people.

Episode 4: “Athlete, Activist, Angler” – Terry Crosby – Listen now!

In this episode, Chuck Boyk and Boyk Law Attorney Wes Merillat sit down with Toledo athletic legend Terry Crosby. Terry shares stories about his phenomenal career as a high school football and basketball star in the 1970s. Terry then talks about his international professional basketball career, and how he’s so happy to be back in Toledo! Chuck and Wes also chat with Terry about his current work as an outreach community ambassador for the Taylor Automotive Group and Terry’s involvement with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night virtual event on Sunday, October 11.

Episode 3: “Trial By COVID” – Attorney Shannon George – Listen Now

In this episode, firm owner Chuck Boyk sits down with insurance defense Attorney Shannon George, an Attorney at Ritter, Robinson, McCready & James, Ltd. Shannon is one of the very few attorneys in the state of Ohio to have tried a civil case before a jury during the pandemic! She shares details about the safety measures put in place and walks us through each stage of the trial. She also tells us how the trial almost came to a crashing halt when a juror was exposed to COVID-19.

Episode 2: “A Jerk, a Hat, and a Pair of Heels” – Attorneys Katie Harris and Mike Bruno – Listen Now

In this episode, Attorney Mike Bruno shares stories about cases that hinged not so much on evidence, but rather on things like footwear, being a jerk, and humiliating a juror. Fellow Attorney Katie Harris talks about witnessing a serious clothing misjudgment in court and her own experiences as a juror. Katie also gives tips for appearing in court virtually, and Mike tells a story of how that was happening…in the 80s! Mike wraps up with a revealing story about an item of clothing that caused his late father, Attorney Dominic Bruno, to be removed from court!

Episode 1: “What is Personal Injury Law” – Attorneys Chuck Boyk and Mike Bruno – Listen Now

In this episode, we sat down with veteran Attorneys Chuck Boyk and Mike Bruno to try to answer the question, “What is Personal Injury Law?” Because we deal with so many auto accidents, we are intimately familiar with car insurance. Chuck sat down with his personal insurance agent, Nicole Bloomer, to talk about the types coverage available with car insurance and which ones actually make sense.


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